‘I dream of painting and then I paint my dream’, aptly describes what I love doing.

About Me:
My relationship with Art started early in my childhood with my fascination for nature and it grew stronger in the last decade with some intensely inspiring explorations of different types of art, blossoming my creative ideas.

Having lived a significant part of my life in India, Singapore and traveling around South East Asia, my inspirations for art are born out of conscious and subconscious experiences, stories, emotions and imagery.

Even as i juggle time between my Engineering profession and Art, art has always been my constant companion through my life’s journey of ups and downs, giving me those magical moments of complete gratification.

About my Art Works:
My art journey began with my wonder for nature. I started off doing landscape art and enjoyed capturing the nuances of nature outdoors. The plethora of colors, lighting and the dynamism of forms and shapes kept me engrossed for years in painting which also laid the foundation for all my future art.

As I explored other genres, I was drawn towards surreal art, which I realized gave me the freedom to express realism in an unrealistic way, giving scope for exaggeration and creativity with a mystical touch. In my surreal art works I explore the idea of dream and subconscious as a valid form of reality to express my thoughts or message to the viewer.

However when in a mood for spontaneity I love to splash colors and create some quick insightful compositions of abstract art, this intuitive process always leaves me in high spirits and allows me to brighten up the lives of those around me.