The Art in Stitching

I have been going crazy over stitching in the last couple of weeks, so much so that i am either seen with the baby or with the sewing machine.

I find it addictive, just the same kind of feelings which i get while painting, the excitement at the start, to persevere till the end, tons of patience to correct mistakes in between and finally a super sense of gratification upon completion as each piece of work is the outcome of an initial creative idea.

Well that said here is the first dress stitched for my little one. A simple frill frock with a matching head band. It was such a pleasure to see her wear it.


Here is my second dress stitched for my baby. With some confidence gained by stitching the first frock, i wanted to try a more complex design something different from the first in both color and design. So this is an A-lin cut frock with box pleats and used the same lacy cloth to make the frills around the neck and sleeves.

The cloth cutting for the box pleats does require a bit of maths, so in case you plan to try it out be very careful before you cut the material (lessons learnt).